Getting To Know Tilt

Tilt was founded in 2017. Our founder, Jen Henderson, was inspired to build Tilt after her own parental experiences. She spent 2 years conducting market research and pilot testing. In 2019, Tilt launched the early version of what it is today and has been enhancing the product and related offerings ever since. Jen was recently named a Forbes Next 1000 and Barclays Female Founders First.

Other executive team members include Kait Feeney, COO and Labor and Employment Attorney, and Royce Haynes CTO, ex-Twitter and ex-Pandora. Our company is based in Colorado, but is fully remote (before fully remote was a thing). We announced our Series A in August 2021 (read about that here). Tilt is a TechStars alum, a SHRM Workplace Challenge Cup National Finalist, and Colorado Emerging Tech Company of the Year.

Tilt currently has 65 employees with a hiring plan to more than double in 2022.

We support customers across industries and manage leave in every state, in addition to Canada.

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More Tilt Info

  • When did you begin offering Leave Management/FMLA services?


  • Approximately how many leaves is you processing monthly?


  • Approximately how many employers do you provide leave management services to? What percent of the employers are in California? How many are in the technology industry?

    Roughly 200. 67% are in CA and 60% are tech companies.

  • Where are your leave management service centers located, and what are the hours of operation?

    We are a remote-first company and have leave support team members in every US time zone.

  • Is ADA Support included in your pricing?

    Yes, ADA support is included in the monthly subscription.

  • Which state-required disability and/or PFL administration do you provide? Please list each state and how you can support

    We provide support in all 50 states, including disability and/or PFL administration in all applicable states (California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, the District of Columbia, and Connecticut, and to come in Oregon and Colorado).

  • If new leaves are added throughout the year will the cost change?


  • If employees move to new states or new legislation is launched will the cost change?


  • If there are updates to Corporate policies will the cost change?


  • Do you indemnify your Leave program? Provide sample indemnification language

    "Both parties agree that if either party (the “Indemnified Party”) is required to respond to, defend or otherwise oppose any claims, lawsuits, hearings, arbitrations or other adversary proceedings caused by the negligence or intentional misconduct of the other party (the “Indemnifying Party”), then the Indemnifying Party shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Indemnified Party for all damages, costs, fees or other amounts that the Indemnified Party is required to pay -- for any reason, either as a judgment or to resolve the matter formally or informally -- because of the Indemnifying Party’s negligence or intentional misconduct."

  • What is your standard recommended implementation lead time?

    4-6 weeks

  • Is there a dedicated Implementation specialist? If so, please describe average experience and tenure of specialists. If not, confirm who handles implementation.

    Your team will have a dedicated implementation specialist. Average tenure of our implementation specialists are 1.5 years, with various HR, consulting, and tech backgrounds. Implementation consists of a handful of virtual meetings, beginning with a kickoff call with your implementation specialist to go over introductions, company policy, best practices, and to build out your specific company profile in Tilt. Your dedicated implementation specialist will meet with you as many times as needed to be ready for your team to "go-live" with Tilt.

  • Describe the roles/responsibilities of the dedicated support team that will be assigned

    HR will have a dedicated Customer Support Specialist (CSM). CSMs are there to ensure that you are getting the value for which you came to us. They help take your goals for our partnership and turn them into reality by being an advocate for you within Tilt and communicating milestones of success.

    In addition to your dedicated CSM, your team will also have access to our in-house legal & compliance team (which is comprised of experts in the areas of FMLA, state benefits, ADA, & leave payroll).

  • What are your support hours? What is your response time?

    8am-5pm all times zones. Within 24 business hours

  • How are claim requests/approvals/denials communicated back to HR?

    We currently communicate with HR via email and/or calls. However, leave status updates are coming soon in the tech in two different ways: in-the-moment updates via an updates section on the HR Dashboard, and a new Leave Status label that will indicate that particular leave’s current status (i.e. requested, denied, approved, etc).

  • Is there a single point of contact responsible to make sure leaves move forward and nothing is stalled? We require proactive support to ensure approvals occur timely.


  • What system/tech do you provide? Please explain HR Experience

    Tilt is a leave of absence technology and HR teams have a dashboard for accessing leaves of absence information in one convenient place (e.g. completed forms, time trackers, pay, etc). While Tilt takes on most of the administrative burden (pay calculations, FMLA administration, employee communications, leave tracking, etc), it's important for HR to be updated and have visibility into the leave support process. From the HR dashboard, all employee and manager leave plans are visible so HR can see updates and progress for each employee, as well as manager engagement.

  • What types of reports are available?

    Essential leave information is available via the HR dashboard. This includes leave statuses, dates, leave types, etc. For more comprehensive reports such as total leave time over a given period or month over month, etc. reports are sent by your CSM. It is on our roadmap to build out more robust reporting capabilities in the tech.

  • Describe how you manage the FMLA/CFRA, PDL, PFL, extensions and COBRA impact on leave status and employee benefits including communication/reporting to employees, managers and HR staff.

    We have steps within the employee and manager plans that explain FMLA, CFRA, PDL, PFL and SDI. HR teams have access to each employee plan as well. All of the necessary paperwork will be in Tilt with simplified steps given to employees to understand where to click, what to fill out and where to submit. If an employee reaches out for an extension, and if more documentation is needed to support those dates, then we request that. We also inform the manager of the extension. There are automated emails that go out to HR when the employee changes their return to work date.

  • What compliance support is provided for the development of corporate policies and procedures? How will you communicate and educate managers on leave of absence regulations, leave policies, state income replacement plans? How do you keep us apprised of changes and new federal and state regulations regarding leave of absences?

    Policies & Procedures: We do a full review of your current policies during implementation and provide feedback. Policy and procedure assistance is also available throughout the partnership as needed, at no additional cost.

    Manager Education: This is a core functionality of our product. Managers have their own Tilt dashboards, leave plans, and resources that help educate managers on things like policies, LOA regulations, company benefits, job protection, etc. Manager dashboards also keep managers updated on leave status and important dates. The dedicated Leave Success Manager (LSM) is also there for any additional support along the way.

    Legal changes: When there are changes to federal/state regulations we update the Tilt platform in real time and will notify your team.

  • Do you help administer non-statutory leaves and communicate any company paid leaves to payroll? As an example, if there is a paid parental leave policy that pays bonding leave for 12 weeks, do you communicate the paid leave start date, end date and pay amount to payroll?


  • Will you administer State specific leaves outside of CA (Ex. NY PFL, WA PFL, assist with NY State Disability filing, etc.)?


  • Describe Tilt's Technology Infrastructure

    SaaS (software as a service) company

  • Do you take over leaves?

    Tilt can takeover existing leaves, but we will discuss each leave and make a determination on a case-by-case basis during implementation. There will be some active leaves that don't make sense for Tilt to take on (e.g. they are near the end of the leave, it's a complex leave and there are compliance/legal considerations, etc).

  • How do you ensure your customer service, account management and internal teams are up to date on compliance?

    We have a dedicated compliance team of employment attorneys who keep on top of changes to leave law. They attend webinars and conferences as well as do their own internal research. We keep internal, proprietary resources which outline all US state and federal laws. (Note: We offer Canadian leave to and have this resource for all Canadian laws as well). Our compliance team has trainings with our customer success managers and leave success managers, and our compliance team answers questions when difficult or tricky situations pop up.

  • Are you able to handle multistate employers with specific State and City requirements?

    Yes, we can handle employees in any state and city, and are aware of laws and ordinances all over the US.

  • Are you able to coordinate with state specific SDI policies?

    es, we coordinate with all paid state leave programs. Depending on the state's rules, we integrate as much as possible with the state system and the employer's STD carrier.

  • How do you guide an employer when coordinating vacation and sick pay versus the carrier STD or LTD payments?

    We have the employer's policy on hand to review, so our leave success managers follow that when working through how an employee can get paid. It will depend on the situation, but our LSMs are always ensuring any state benefit is applied as well as STD, LTD, and company policy

  • How do you notify employers of changes to Federal, State or City laws and regulations?

    Our in-house legal and compliance team, we update any changes through the platform and notify HR.