Data Importing

The days of having to manually ensure your company data is up to date are over, removing the risks of having out-of-date or missing data resulting in increased administrative efforts and inaccuracies that could lead to compliance headaches. 

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With Tilt’s new data import functionality you’ll be able to import your company demographic information in bulk, which not only means we’re working from the most current employee information, it will also allow us to auto-populate employee profiles and leave forms with your latest company information. This streamlines the administrative workflows tremendously and means that HR & our technology can set up a leave more quickly. Making leave easy for everyone.

Further, we’re now able to calculate benefit amounts with changes to payroll. For instance, if an employee receives a pay increase while they’re on leave, with up-to-date payroll data we ensure payroll accuracy without you having to lift a finger.

You also can export the leave data from Tilt via SFTP and ingest it into your HRIS. Accuracy, efficiency, and compliance confidence across all of your systems rolled into one feature update.

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