Intermittent Leave Time-Off Tracking

One of the trickiest types of leave to navigate for employees, HR and payroll alike is a leave where the time off being taken occurs intermittently. Tilt has made tracking time off for intermittent leave easy and straightforward for all parties involved.

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Someone going through such a significant life event needs to feel at ease and confident that they’re getting accurate pay and benefits reflective of their leave schedule. Furthermore, they’ll want to make sure that their manager and employer are informed of exactly when they’re at work or on leave. 

Of course, it’s just as important that HR and payroll know precisely when their employees are at work or taking care of life so that the appropriate teams can take action on that information in other systems (e.g., HRIS, payroll). Any ambiguity around time-off tracking for intermittent leaves makes it too cumbersome for HR and payroll to accurately ensure their people were getting the pay and benefits that reflected the actual days they were taking off work.

HR will now be able to simply log into Tilt and see an accurate picture of who and when a leave occurs, Payroll can simply and easily resume payments with confidence knowing that our reporting accurately captures who is on leave and when 

Being able to easily track time off will improve Tilt’s ability to manage intermittent leaves, creates a better overall user experience for employees, HR and payroll, and will allow us to support larger and more diverse customers.

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