HR Dashboard

Tilt’s HR Dashboard is your centralized hub for all things leave of absence at your org. Our HR dashboard is where efficiency and effectiveness merge into a powerful tool that provides instant access to critical employee data, including comprehensive leave of absence information for all of your employees, payroll details, and exportable data. 

Tilt HR Dashboard Walkthrough

See what's under the hood

You can quickly view FMLA balances, check on approval status, maintain accurate records, and ensure your employees are set up for success on their leave journey. No matter the leave, no matter the state.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking employee leave! Take our dashboard for a spin:

Payroll Simplified
Effortlessly manage payroll with our intuitive dashboard. You and your payroll team can access all leave-related payroll data in one place, including salary information for variable pay periods, and with our automated pay calculation adjustments, you never have to guess if your employees are getting paid what they’re owed.

Exportable Data

Data is power, and Tilt’s HR Dashboard empowers you with the ability to export comprehensive reports via .csv. Easily share critical HR insights with stakeholders and integrate data into other systems for seamless decision-making.

Your entire leave ecosystem, all in one place.

With user-friendly navigation, robust security features, and seamless integration capabilities, our HR Dashboard is everything you need to know about all the leaves in your organization under one digital roof.

With Tilt you can streamline your leave management workflow with confidence and provide a fully supported experience for your people when they need it most.