Manager Dashboard

Managers may be experts in their particular field, but most don’t know squat about leave. While that can lead to employees experiencing discrimination (intentional or otherwise) or being pressured to come back from leave early (both are big legal no-nos), Tilt’s platform solves one of the biggest trouble spots in a leave journey: managing the managers.

Tilt Manager Dashboard Walkthrough

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Education and Resources

Tilt’s leave management software brings managers into the fold via a personal dashboard that shows them every employee who reports to them currently on leave. Within the manager dashboard, we create a complementary leave plan that provides managers with steps they can complete along the way. These steps are focused on educating managers on their employees’ specific leaves of absence with some important do’s and don’ts.

Manager’s Best Friend

Within the manager dashboard, managers are shown exactly where their employees are on their leave journey, as well as given information on FMLA or any other federal, state or local programs that their employees are currently enrolled in. Tilt gives managers a real-time tool to properly workforce plan and keep operations running smoothly.

Tilt also provides managers with guidance on how to reboard their employees successfully, one of the most overlooked elements of leave management. With Tilt, employees return to work feeling supported and engaged.

Your entire leave ecosystem, all in one place.

With user-friendly navigation, robust security features, and seamless integration capabilities, our HR Dashboard is everything you need to know about all the leaves in your organization under one digital roof.

With Tilt you can streamline your leave management workflow with confidence and provide a fully supported experience for your people when they need it most.