Managing employee sick leave through a spreadsheet burdens HR and People Ops professionals with manual tracking of payroll, benefits, and return dates.  Not to mention the worries of compliance, all while supporting your employees in their time of leave.

Ready for a stress-free employee sick leave?

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What HR and People Ops professionals say...


Lockstep Leave Plans

With straightforward People Team, Employee and Manager dashboards, everyone stays in the know throughout each personalized leave journey. Dedicated human (a tech company just used the “h” word?) support for all parties involved ensures consistently smooth leaves no matter how choppy the water is.

Deep Calendar Cleanse

Integrated calendaring makes sure no important dates are missed, and our Leave Success Managers are there to send reminders all along the way. Hear that? It’s the silent nothingness that comes with not setting and getting Outlook reminders anymore.

Stay Informed. Stay Compliant

The manager said what to who? Keeping managers informed and engaged is easy with Tilt so everyone stays happy and compliant. Managers receive a dashboard showing employee leave status, a comprehensive step-by-step list of what they need to do to support their direct report, and policy information customized for specific types of leave.

The Best Employee Experience

Whether it's a planned absence or they've been blinded by the universe, give employees peace of mind with personalized leave plans and a designated Empathy Warrior. With Tilt, your employees will stay informed of important deadlines and steps, know exactly where their pay is coming from, and sing your praises for making their switch from work to life and back the easiest possible.