Reimagine Leave Management.

Delete your spreadsheets. Erase your calendar reminders. Forget those late night Google searches. Say goodbye to confusing emails and hello to the new leave experience.

Spoiler alert: leave management doesn’t have to suck. We make it simple for people to switch between work and life. Powerful software with all the feels.

Balance empathy with economics.

Compliance with confidence.

Complex leave laws = a big ole nightmare for employers. We track legal changes so you don’t have to. We turn legalese into leave plans that are easy to read and understand. Your employees will thank you.

Save precious time.

Leave the leave planning to us. Our tech streamlines everything. We’re talkin’ benefits coordination, pay calculations, paperwork, edu, communication, and support. Have fun with all that extra time.

Save real dollars.

The data doesn’t lie. We free up HR’s time and energy. No more soul-sucking admin headaches, costly employee turnover, or state benefits left unclaimed. Our software makes sense. Oh, and cents.

Employee experience for the win.

The future (of work) is here. We don’t like to brag but we pioneered giving a shhh about leave before it was cool. Software built by humans, for humans, for when life happens. *mic drop*

Compliance Built to Scale.

In-house leave management is risky business. Lawsuits can result in big financial losses and even bigger headlines. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Our software automates leave workflows. We make compliance with local, state, and federal leave laws easy peasy. Don’t let FMLA have you whispering FML. Forget about trying to learn another new state PFL program. Stop the hair-pulling anxiety-inducing “oh-no” leave moments. Welcome to the revolution. We’ve been waiting for you.

Equity for all Employees.

All leaves are not created equal. Life can be happy, sad, good, bad, and everything in between. But a stress-free leave experience should be the norm. For everyone. Our software makes taking leave simple. Our process helps reduce bias. Our Implementation team lets you know if your leave policies need a little TLC. Our Customer Success team makes magic happen. Sure, changing the status quo is hard. We make leave easy. Like really easy.

Power to the People.

We support HR, employees, managers and your friends in payroll. HR can access all things employee leave via their dashboard. Anytime. Anywhere. Employees experience a simple and seamless leave. End to end. Managers can level up with bite-sized 411 to avoid 911’s. No more fingers crossed pay calcs. We handle those too. A little birdie said they invented this market. We transformed it. Forget the old way and welcome to the new leave experience.