Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Tilt keep me compliant at the state and federal levels?

    Tilt keeps you compliant no matter how complicated the leave (and we’ve handled the most obscure you could think of) with our up-to-date tech backed by our in-house leave law experts. Our employment and labor gurus support everything we do at Tilt to make sure you’re always adhering to the latest local, state and federal laws. Learn more about our legal expertise.

  • Does Tilt provide manager support?

    Yes. Each manager will have access to their own dashboard within the Tilt platform. They’ll be able to learn about the type of leave their employee is on, what they should and shouldn’t say to keep you (and them) out of hot water, and be able to track how far along the leave journey. They’ll even be given reminders and tips on how to re-board their employee once the leave has ended. Learn more about our manager support.

  • What types of leaves does Tilt manage?

    Tilt is the only solution that can handle the most obscure leave scenarios, so rest assured if your employee is taking a leave, we’ve got you covered.

  • Do you support international leaves?

    Soon. If you have employees in Canada who need support, drop us a line.

  • Will we have access to a dedicated account manager?

    Yes. Working with Tilt is a family affair. You’ll be connected to your own Customer Success Manager (CSM) and your employees will have a dedicated Leave Success Manager (LSM) who can help answer any questions you may have on any/all of your leaves.

  • Does Tilt notify employees when they need to complete something?

    Yes. No more missing deadlines. Our Leave Success Managers (LSMs) keep your people reminded of upcoming deadlines so you don’t have to.

  • How does Tilt support the employee?

    Every employee gets paired up with a Leave Success Manager (LSM) who will build them a customized leave plan and is on call to guide them through each step of the journey as needed. Legal questions? We’ve got you covered. Payment calculations? We handle that too. We’ll even send them reminders when upcoming deadlines are approaching.

  • How do I get started working with Tilt?

    Ready to put your leave woes behind you? Book a demo with our sales team today and we’ll get the ball rolling.

  • How do I start planning a leave with Tilt?

    Does your company partner with TIlt? Lucky you! We’re here to support you on your leave of absence journey, so to get started check your inbox for an invite directly from us. Follow that link to get the process started!

  • Is Tilt a software or a third-party administrator (TPA)?

    In the world of leave, the best experiences are human ones. As a third-party admin we blend software and the human touch to provide a best-in-class leave experience for you and your people.

  • What size and type of clients do you work with?

    Tilt supports leaves for companies across all industries, so whether you’re a fast-growing startup or have thousands of employees scattered across the US, you can rest assured you’ll be another happy Tilt customer.

  • What pricing models does Tilt offer?

    Tilt offers flexible pricing options depending on each company’s unique circumstances. Book a demo and our sales team will walk you through the options available that best suit your budget.

  • Does Tilt partner with HR Brokers?

    Yes. Offering your clients Tilt as a leave management solution gives you the competitive edge and your clients the LOA relief they’ve been looking for. Book a chat today to learn more.