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Tilt helps HR professionals save time, stay compliant, and save money, all while creating the best leave experience for their employees.

Tilt Product Walkthrough

See what's under the hood

No one should have to wait until the third call to see the product in action.  We want to make sure Tilt is a good fit for you out of the gate, so go ahead and experience the platform firsthand.


Unify all your leave types to create a single source of truth

Tilt is the only Leave Management Platform that brings all of your leave data – not just certain types – into one unified system.  That way, you don’t end up referencing leave info in 5 different systems.  Tilt gives you one place to view leave dates and calendars, leave plans, and payroll data.

“In 2018, DOL investigations resulted in 313,000 workers receiving $334M in back wages.”

Source:  Guardian


Compliance With Compassion

Tilt’s in-house leave gurus eat, sleep, and breathe the latest in all things leave law so you don’t have to.  No matter the obscurity of the leave request, our leave law assassins are in the shadows (of the library) ensuring our tech and talent keeps your legal risks mitigated.  To put it simply, leave laws are our jam…your compliance nightmares?  Toast.

Life’s most important moments merit world-class trust and support.  Whether it’s a planned absence or they’ve been blindsided by the universe (we’ve asked the universe to tone it down, btw), give your employees peace of mind with a straightforward, personalized leave plan and a designated Empathy Warrior (AKA Leave Success Manager) who will be with them every step of the way.

I’ve heard from employees that they’ve had great experiences, and it takes the stress away from them knowing we have experts helping them through the process. From my experience, Jessica has been very responsive and is so informative and I love that she’s familiar with our leave programs!

Abigail R.
Senior Manager – People Operations, VSCO


Effortlessly calculate payroll for any type of leave

Know exactly how much to pay each employee on leave per pay period – inclusive of variables like state benefits, third-party insurance, prorating, waiting periods, etc. – and tailor to your unique pay schedule(s) and policies. View pay adjustments for previous over and under-payments. Simplify your payroll run with our report exports and integrations.


We love Tilt at SingleStore!  Easy to use from an employer and employee perspective and truly solves all of our pain points on navigating leaves of absence.

Parker B
HR Director, SingleStore


Finally, your entire Leave ecosystem.  In one system.