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Innovative Partnerships For Unified Leave

Our carefully vetted partners collaborate to create an innovative approach to seamlessly managing leave of absence.

“Leave management is complicated which makes it a pain point for nearly every single company. Prior to this partnership, this was likely a huge time suck for someone in the company whether it was fielding frequent questions from employees over email or manually emailing the payroll administrator telling them who should be paid vs. unpaid. We know their time is better spent elsewhere and we’re excited for customers to see the value themselves.”

Brad Armstrong, SVP, Corporate & Business Development, Rippling

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Grow your business with the leave of absence solution your clients will love you for by keeping them compliant and making payroll a breeze.

Software Partners

Support your customers with a seamless leave management process through a real-time data sync to-and-from your software.

Strategic Partners

A partner who is closely aligned in purpose and collaborates through marketing, referrals, or sales channels.

How Tilt's Partner Process Works

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Managing leave of absence doesn’t have to suck for your clients; see how our approach removes the LOA thorn from their side and keeps them supported.

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Once agreements have been signed and your clients are interested in Tilt, we’re ready to connect and start supporting their amazing humans on their leave journey.

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Happy People Teams are your competitive advantage.  We’ll take it from here and deliver top-notch service and a positive employee experience.

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