5 Ways People Teams Shine With LOA Software

As People Ops leaders you’re burdened with everything from tight budgets (that always seem to be getting tighter) to demonstrating organizational value, and of course, delivering support for your employee population in myriad ways. While this is no small feat for People Teams of any size, when it comes to being able to manage leave of absence (LOA) requests at scale, having support from an easy-to-use LOA software and a team of leave experts can not only relieve a significant administrative burden and deliver a positive experience for your people, it can make your team shine within your organization as one that provides tremendous value.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways LOA software like Tilt can help your team be a rising star leadership can count on to deliver.

1. Reliance on compliance

The day-to-day headaches that come with facilitating a single LOA journey are many, and we’ll get to those, but what’s likely keeping you and your leadership up at night are concerns around compliance. Are you notifying your employees of their FMLA rights? Are the leave laws you administer to your employees accurate and up-to-date? Are your managers one non-compliant email away from a legal landmine? Is information being stored securely? Are 3rd-parties filing forms on your employee’s behalf?

With an LOA solution like Tilt your compliance nightmares are turned into calm, serene dreams. We automate FMLA designation and notices, our software and support teams are backed by an in-house legal and compliance team, we educate managers within our platform on what they can and can’t say, important employee info is stored within our secure platform, and we don’t impersonate employees when filing for state benefit forms.

With Tilt you can approach your leadership team and confidently say, “Don’t worry about LOA compliance, we’ve got the experts in our corner.”

2. If it ain’t about the money…

Narrator: It’s always about the money.

The only thing worse than ineffective expenditures are unexpected ones. Having your compliance risks mitigated with Tilt means your internal checkbook balancers breathing a $igh of relief from out-of-left-field lawsuits, but the profit perks don’t end there.

Our automated payroll functionality means that you avoid overpayments, and our simple process for guiding employees through their state benefits filing means your organization won’t miss out on any state benefits that may be available to your employees. Further, no more spending your organization’s time and money on replacing employees who left after a bad LOA experience.

3. Leave management streamlined

How many initiatives have you wanted to work on that would be a major boon to the satisfaction of your employees…if you only had the bandwidth to implement them? Outsourcing your leave management solution can free up your team’s time to do impactful work for your people allowing you to use your time for good, not for Googling leave laws in California. 

When employees need to take a leave of absence they’re entered into Tilt where we develop a personalized leave plan that’s specific to them, informs them and their managers of their rights, gives them resources for a successful leave, and it’s all in one easy platform where you as a People Team leader have visibility into all of it. You get complete visibility for every employee’s leave journey without having to lift a finger.

With your least favorite to-do off your plate, you’re free to focus on the team objectives that can make your People Team soar.

4. Keep your data ducks in a row

Another issue with manually managing leaves, or having information spread across multiple systems, is that your data is decentralized and it can be cumbersome (if not impossible) to have accurate data that is easily accessible. From payroll to paperwork, with Tilt you have one source of truth for all things leave. 

Nothing impresses leadership more (aside from the whole money thing) than having trust that they can turn to you for insights on the functions of your department and that you’re prepared with the facts.

5. Praise from within

At the end of the day, a leave of absence is all about making it easy for your employees to take time off of work when they need it most. Whether it’s a straightforward leave or something happens to your employees mid-leave that needs attention, Tilt makes People Teams shine by being a trusted resource that delivers easy and empathetic support for your people. 

By delivering a top-notch LOA experience with Tilt you can gain a groundswell of support from within in being a people-first organization. Sharing stories of successful leaves of absence internally can further validate the value you provide your organization. When your people need organizational support the most, don’t let bandwidth get in the way. 

Tilt makes the leave experience a positive one so your employees can focus on life, and that’s a feeling they won’t forget, especially those who experience leave “the old way.” Happier employees are more engaged and productive employees who strengthen your employee retention scores.

Promote your People Team prowess

Tilt makes your life easy by making leave easy. More than that, Tilt users love taking one of their most administratively burdensome tasks that is rife with compliance pitfalls into a seamless and successful process. Using Tilt for your leave of absence management is such a windfall of good for your organization that leadership won’t be able to ignore your People Team’s greatness.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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