Better together. Tilt integrates with your HRIS to provide a seamless data exchange for all employee information pertinent to a leave. No more manual data dives to determine the latest info on your employees every time they request a leave, and if their details update in your system mid-leave, it automatically updates in ours.
Integration Option 1 (SFTP)
With Tilt’s SFTP integration, we’re able to pull information into our platform directly from any HRIS. Via SFTP you can rest assured your employee data is always accurate and up-to-date without you lifting a finger.

Integration Option 2 (API)

For a more real-time 2-way data sharing experience, we are selecting strategic HRIS and Payroll partners to build a custom API integration., we have direct API integration as well (here’s an example of one such integration) and we’re strategically building out more direct API integrations with select partners so stay tuned for more.

Integration Option 3 (File-Upload)

If you prefer to be more hands-on with your employee data or, if you are using a system that does not support the other options, we’ve got you covered there too. Tilt gives HR and People Ops pros the option to use our manual file-feed upload option.

Tilt Integrations Walkthrough

Here's How it Works

Whether an employee requests a leave in Tilt, or you create the leave request for them, all relevant information (i.e. exempt status, tenure, location, pay rate, manager name, benefit eligibility etc…) is automatically determined within our platform so that all you have to do is review and acknowledge you’ve seen the request!

Your entire leave ecosystem, all in one place.

That’s it! From there a leave plan is completed and all applicable leave laws are applied specifically for the employee based on all of their current demographic we’ve pulled in from your HRIS. Did an employee move from Connecticut to California one week before they went on leave? Don’t sweat it, by integrating with your HRIS Tilt has every aspect of a leave covered, even if things change mid-leave.

This is leave automation the way it was meant to be. Get Tilt and see why life is better when the experts manage your leaves of absence.