How Today’s HR Leaders Manage Leave Requests

Ah yes, the enigmatic world of HR, a land where both the coffee and office drama drips intravenously. It’s a place where juggling is not just a circus act; it’s a survival skill, as you’re asked to gracefully balance the demands of employees, management, and your own personal hopes and dreams. All you’re equipped with to navigate the daily tumults, of course, are antiquated systems and processes that time and again prove to provide more headaches than they alleviate.

When it comes to managing leave requests, however, today’s HR leaders are discovering that there’s a better way. Gone are the days of nightmarish spreadsheets. Gone are the days of Googling leave laws. Gone are the days of trying to get any helpful information or employee support whatsoever from insurance providers. 

Today’s HR leaders are managing leaves of absence by not managing them at all. They’re relying on Tilt to do it for them. Here’s why…

An easier way to manage FMLA

Every leave of absence carries with it a laundry list of to-dos that aren’t just important, they’re often legally required. From notifying employees of their rights to determining FMLA eligibility, to tracking the amount used, to requesting and securely storing medical certifications, a tremendous amount of administrative work goes into managing a single FMLA leave in a timely manner in accordance with federal regulations.

Tilt’s platform removes all the administrative burdens required for FMLA leave management and tracking. When an employee requests a leave, we create a leave plan specific to them, their state, and their situation. We notify your employees of their rights and outline every step they’ll need to complete in chronological order so you can rest assured your organization is adhering to federal guidelines.

Personalized Leave Plan

While our employee dashboard supports your people throughout their leave journey with dedicated, 1-1 support from our Leave Success Managers, our HR dashboard allows you to monitor and track all of your leaves under one digital roof. This includes leave status, start and stop dates, and real-time updates of FMLA hours used.

Automatically Track FMLA Hours

Those important documents you can’t afford to lose track of? Those get uploaded directly into Tilt where our SOC II compliant, data encrypting software keeps it safe and secure.

Securely Upload And Store Sensitive Files

Tilt manages all leave types across the country

Tilt’s is hellbent on making leave not suck for all parties involved. We’re able to manage all leave types by offering a customizable solution tailored to your specific policies. Further, our in-house legal and compliance team is a band of leave law nerds (a term of endearment around here) to the fullest extent, meaning you can rely on our platform to adhere to the most up-to-date changes in federal legislation and state benefit programs.

Tilt is also insurance carrier agnostic, so no matter your STD insurance provider, we make it straightforward and easy for your employees to complete the steps necessary for coverage. Whether your employees are applying for benefits through a state program, your carrier, or both, we outline everything they need right in the platform.

How to support employees while on leave of absence

Not only does Tilt remove the administrative work on overstressed HR and People Ops teams, we also provide an empathetic hand in the form of our Leave Success Managers (AKA LSMs AKA Empathy Warriors). HR leaders lead with empathy, but they’re also realistic. There’s only so much you can do to be the human lifeline your employees need while they’re out on leave.

Tilt has you covered here as well. Our LSMs are the heartbeat of Tilt. Your employee’s personal POC is at the ready when your people need it most. Leaves of absences can, and frequently do, go sideways. With Tilt, all the emails you’d normally be expected to not only answer but also know the answer to, are promptly and humanly handled by our LSMs. Here’s what employees of our customers say about our amazing LSMs:

“The experience I had with Tilt was OUTSTANDING! I greatly appreciate the Tilt team especially Nic for helping me throughout my leave. The only thing I had to focus on was getting better. Keep up the excellent work!!”  -D. Ellington, Customer Support Specialist @ Bamboo Health

“I was very impressed not only with the continuous, consistent follow-ups but ALSO the prompt responses when I replied or reached out. I can’t thank Alexandra enough and am happy that my team members who may need to utilize Tilt for their leaves will be well taken care of!!” – A. Duarte, Senior Service Specialist @ People Ready

The importance of an employee’s return to work

Facilitating a leave of absence request and supporting the employee only to have a terrible return to work experience can be enough to sour the relationship entirely. For some, returning to work can be just as jarring an experience as starting their leave.

Manager Dashboard - Return to Work Support

Managers in particular can make or break a leave and are responsible for a majority of employment violations in the workplace. By educating managers on the dos and don’ts of a leave, as well as giving them guidance on how to ensure a successful return-to-work experience for their direct report, Tilt gives your people a positive transition as they adjust to their life back into the fold.

Ease your burdens and give leave some love, with Tilt.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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