Make Applying For State Benefits a Breeze With Tilt

Successfully empowering employees to file claim forms when applying for state benefits programs is up there on the “things that make you nervous af” list alongside public speaking on a topic you know nothing about and seeing a calendar invite pop-up for a performance review you knew nothing about.

The reasons for the state benefits jitters are warranted, of course, partially because People Ops pros aren’t leave law experts and partially because the rules and regulations are in constant flux.   

Fortunately, Tilt stays in the know on all things state benefits for you so you can sleep soundly knowing your organization is compliant, your people supported, and your budget can include the significant funds available to you through these programs.

How does Tilt help you manage applying for state benefits?

Ever wish you had someone on your team to just “handle” your least favorite to-dos? Especially ones with significant compliance and financial implications? Perhaps unsurprisingly given the name of this blog that’s exactly what Tilt does! We help you manage the process by quite simply taking it off your plate so you don’t have to manage it.

Every one of your employees taking a leave gets a personalized leave plan and a 1-1 Leave Success Manager (LSM) who can field any complicated questions. This includes your employees who live in a state with benefits programs that are often confusing to navigate and have bigger burdens weighing on their minds.

How are employees supported by Tilt when applying for state benefits?

Personalized leave plans show step-by-step instructions: Ease of use is sort of our thing, and that starts with making sure that when an employee takes a leave we remove all ambiguity around what comes next. When we create a personalized leave plan for your people we customize it based on their specific leave in their specific state so they have everything they need to know in one spot. Here’s an example of how we walk them through it:

LSMs send reminders for important milestones and deadlines: When an employee needs to take a leave of absence, there’s a good chance their lives are going through some seismic shift. Sometimes their worlds are flipped on its head entirely. The last thing they need to be thinking about is when a submission deadline is coming up, so in the event your employees haven’t done so, we personally reach out to remind them so they don’t have to worry and you don’t have to be bothered.

LSMs are backed by in-house leave law experts to handle any questions or one-off scenarios that might pop up: No two leaves are the same, and there are times when a leave of absence throws your employees a major curveball. Thanks to Tilt’s in-house leave law experts you don’t have to G&P (Google and Pray) in hopes that you figure out how to handle obscure scenarios without violating a law you didn’t know existed. Our LSMs have major leave law know-how firepower in their back pocket that will help guide your people in the right direction. 

We empower employees to submit the forms themselves to ensure that they’re a part of the process and you stay compliant: Removing employees from the form filing submittal process entirely might seem appealing at first, but employees who aren’t kept in the loop can’t be sure their information is submitted correctly, on time, and if there are any snafus they won’t be informed. We keep employees engaged by making applying to state benefits as easy as possible while keeping them in control. 

Tilt's simple approach to managing the state benefits process

Empowered employees with no heavy lifting by People Ops: Since we make it easy for employees to file for benefits, their experience is seamless and supported by empathetic experts from start to finish. With Tilt there is no Google guesswork required by you or your employee population, no matter the leave and no matter the state.

Scalability: Since employees are empowered to submit on behalf of themselves, Tilt’s solution is completely scalable and grows easily along with you. You aren’t having to rely on the capacity of a back-room team of interns who may or may not have the bandwidth to file on time, or accurately, as your leave requests increase over time. 

Mitigate risk: With Tilt, you don’t run the risk of 3rd-party LOA vendors impersonating your employees in order to “automate” the process for you. Doing so exposes you to compliance risks, submission delays, payment delays and more. Further, you and your employees might not know something has gone sideways until it’s too late.

Complete visibility: Employees, People Ops and payroll can stay in the know throughout the state benefits program application process. With everyone on the same page at all times, you and your employees can breathe easy knowing that every leave of absence managed by Tilt is being managed with consistency and efficacy.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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