Payroll, Leave Dates, and Forms all Streamlined with Tilt

Whether it’s bills, calories, or your favorite pop-up food truck location, adult life is chock full of things we need to keep track of. Fortunately, one of the most frustrating things you need to keep track of, your employees’ leaves of absence, can be made a whole heck of a lot easier with Tilt. From accurate payroll calculations to monitoring leave start and stop dates to guiding employees through filing any necessary forms, Tilt streamlines all of your least favorite to-dos to managing leaves a breeze

A Hands-Off Role With Payroll

One of the most important and complicated elements of managing a leave revolves around ensuring your people are getting paid the right amount at the right time. Depending on the leave type that might mean your company is paying 100%, 0%, or some slice of their salary if it’s being partly covered by a paid program. Tilt takes the time-consuming tabulations off your hands by calculating your employee’s pay for you while giving platform access to payroll so they have all the information they need to get your people paid.

Tilt makes the money matters of managing a leave a simple and streamlined part of your leave management process. Everything is housed under one digital roof, no matter what type of leave you might be managing (yes, even intermittent leaves).

Leave the Leave Dates To Us

Keeping up with leave dates is more than just having a grasp of when your employees may be coming and going. Tilt’s solution offers a holistic view into all the important dates surrounding a leave. Tilt makes it easy for employees to understand claim form submission dates (we’ll get to that later), and with our personalized leave map you’ll get a crystal clear visual of FMLA dates as well as any paid program start and stop dates.

We’ve streamlined tracking all the important leave dates so you never lose sight of your employee’s leave journey, and never lose sleep praying that you haven’t misread a state program’s benefits or a shift in an employee’s leave dates (if they plan to come back early, for example).

We Make Form Filing Fab

Filing claims for paid leave programs can be a huge cost saving for your company and a huge headache for People Teams. Tilt’s platform is up-to-date no matter the state and walks employees through the steps to apply for paid benefits.

Worried about making sure they’re reminded of upcoming deadlines throughout their leave journey? Don’t be, we handle that too!

Worried about forms with private information living in various email threads and inboxes? Don’t be, everything is safely stored within our platform (learn more about how seriously we take security measures here).

Streamline Your LOA Management with Tilt

Leave of absence management doesn’t have to be a burden for you, your employees or your organization. With Tilt, your LOA WTFs turn into OMG LFGs because quite simply, we make managing all types of leave across every state quite simple.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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