How Sauce Labs Leveled Up Their Leave With Tilt

A Fully Scalable Leave Management Solution

Sauce Labs is a testing platform and solution that allows its customers to deliver seamless experiences for every device, browser, and operating system. And that commitment to providing seamless experiences is just as important internally, especially for Saucers that are navigating major moments in life that may need them to take a step back from the business. 

With that commitment in mind, Chelsea Leppo took stock of Sauce Labs’ existing leave of absence management solution and realized there was an opportunity to enrich the experience being provided to Saucers. Sauce was allocating a chunk of their People Team budget for a solution that wasn’t able to scale with their business, nor provide the service level their employees needed. Chelsea sought out a solution where their leaves could be administered easily and with consistency, and perhaps most importantly, she needed Sauce employees to get top-tier support when working through a major life event.

“Our previous solution was not able to scale with our business, especially as our location and employee needs became more complex as we’ve grown. We now feel so comfortable with Tilt managing our leaves and have a great relationship with our Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Leave Success Manager (LSM), Taylor and Sabrina. We know when we reach out to Tilt, they have it covered, and follow through for us as Admins and for our employees. We now can place more energy and focus into other areas of the business, thanks to all the time saved by Tilt."

Modern Leave Management Customer Support

Speaking of Taylor and Sabrina, Chelsea knew that nailing the x’s and o’s of managing leaves with an empathetic touch was critical for managing leaves successfully, but the relationship with her dedicated Tilters has made a huge impact in making Sauce’s LOA experience a seamless one.

“I love that whatever I bring to (my Customer Success Manager) Taylor to adjust, like adding a new step to the employee checklist, or if we’re introducing a new step in our process, it gets taken care of. Everything we’ve brought to Taylor to assist with is handled with ease. I appreciate that Taylor proactively engages with our team.

Tilt's Emphatic Approach to the Employee Experience

Sauce Labs’ dedicated Leave Success Manager, Sabrina, has been a complete game changer as well.

“I just have to give major kudos to Sabrina. The level of support Sabrina has provided to our employees has been amazing. I appreciate her customer focus, especially in her quick responses; both to me and our Saucers Sabrina has completely exceeded expectations!"

Sauce Labs wasn’t only looking for a strong bond with their vendor and a solution that took the burden of managing leaves off their plate. Sauce wanted to deliver a leave solution to their employee population with a modern look and feel that aligned with a cutting-edge tech company like Sauce Labs.

“Being in the tech industry, our employees expect the tools and platforms we use to be top notch, especially when we are committed to supporting our customers with delivering seamless experiences for their customers! Our previous solution didn’t align to our employee expectations, and as a growing business, we needed a solution to offer more efficiency, better reporting, and generally more of an updated and intuitive feel to the platform for both Admins and employees.”

More Time To Focus on What Matters

Now that Chelsea’s not worrying about leaves, she can focus on the parts of her job that really light her fire. She loves the front-facing aspects of being a People Ops pro like ensuring new hires get the red-carpet treatment at Sauce Labs out of the gate, and being a trusted internal contact to help with their inquiries. She knows a thing or two about what it’s like to have a successful partnership from the jump.

“My experience implementing Tilt was great. From the get go, I felt very happy with the level of support I was receiving. I had full confidence that everything was going smoothly from end to end. It was the combination of everything really. The people, the platform, the pricing (we were paying double for our previous vendor). I’ve been able to build a really good relationship with the Tilt team and appreciate everything they do to support me, our people and our process.

Now that Chelsea has Tilt, she knows her people are getting the best leave experience. We love that Sauce Labs has leveled up their leave with us, and knowing that we make Chelsea’s life easier while decreasing her budget spend is the special sauce we can’t get enough of.

Our confidence is sky high that we don’t have to worry about the leave process at all because we know Tilt is handling it.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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