The Widespread Impact of Offloading Your Leave Management Support to Experts

It’s no secret (well, maybe it’s a secret to your executives) that managing leaves of absence within your organization is a multifaceted process that demands data accuracy, clear communication, compliance adherence, and an unwavering commitment to your employees’ well-being in their time of need. In other words, it demands more bandwidth than is humanly possible for you to consistently provide. 

While taking a parental leave might be something you can plan for, oftentimes a leave of absence is an unpredictable happening, and you’ve likely felt the frantic weight of needing to administer an employee’s leave of absence on more than one occasion.

The unfortunate truth is that both employees and People Ops have been long overdue for a better alternative to the antiquated way leaves of absence are managed within most organizations.

The good news is an industry shift is occurring, however, that indicates more organizations are finding tangible relief and business benefits by offloading their leave of absence management burden to experts. 

So let’s delve into the widespread impact of the strategic decision to seek out a modern leave solution. We’ll explore some of the hidden challenges and risks of your current process and the transformative effect a solution like Tilt can have on both employees and employers.

What is Leave Management Software?

Most leave of absence management processes today encompass each aspect and policy that governs your employee leaves which may include medical, family, and personal leaves to name a few. This requires overworked People Ops teams to oversee the critical tasks of approving, tracking, supporting, and ensuring organizational compliance with relevant laws. 

The significance of effective leave management cannot be overstated, as today it’s not just about maintaining accurate records (regards from your manual spreadsheets) but also about fostering a workplace culture that values employee well-being.

Leave management software like Tilt quite simply does all of this for you. Tilt streamlines the entire process with accuracy and empathy so that your employees are supported and you’re freed up to do the work that matters and much more.

The Impact of Leave of Absence Management Software for People Ops

In the ever-evolving landscape of People Ops, the development of leave-of-absence management platforms like Tilt has ushered in a new era of efficiency, precision and empathy. Powered by cutting-edge technology, and backed by leave law expertise, Tilt can have a profound impact on your employee support and overall team operations, transforming the way your organization handles employee leaves forever.

First and foremost, Tilt brings a level of automation that revolutionizes the entire leave management process. From request initiation to approval and documentation, the streamlined workflow reduces your administrative burden tremendously while giving you a holistic view of every leave currently taking place. Real-time tracking of FMLA balances, start and stop dates, payroll, and status updates minimizes the risk of errors.

Additionally, TIlt works with all carriers and syncs with your HRIS system so all employee demographic data is always the latest and greatest. With Tilt you can be a hero in your org by significantly contributing to compliance and risk mitigation without lifting a finger. 

By integrating the latest in legal regulations into our tech, we make it easy for employers to navigate the intricate landscape of leave laws, ensuring that organizations remain compliant at all times.

Tilt is the super tool People Ops pros need to enhance employee satisfaction, optimize productivity, and foster a workplace culture that prioritizes the well-being of its workforce. As organizations increasingly embrace technology to streamline processes to maximize departmental efficiency, leave-of-absence management tech like Tilt is quickly becoming an indispensable resource.

The Impact of Leave of Absence Management Software for Employees

Tilt wields a transformative influence on employees as well, reshaping their experience during critical periods of their lives when work needs to be put on hold. Tilt removes the cloudy confusion surrounding the leave process by introducing a heightened level of transparency, providing employees with real-time visibility into their FMLA balances, payroll, and approval status, as well as steps they must complete, guidance on filing for state benefits and 1-1 human support should they need anything at all.

This transparency cultivates trust and empowers employees with the information they need to plan their leaves effectively.

Transparent & Comprehensive Pay Calculations
Holistic Leave Maps Keeps Everyone In Sync

Tilt’s user-friendly interface simplifies and organizes all relevant leave information in real time so employees stay in the know. Tilt even informs managers on their employees’ leaves so their direct supervisors stay in the loop.

This level of accuracy, automation, empathy and efficiency is the dream state for a leave of absence experience, and simply can’t be achieved by most People Ops teams given the manual tools and disjointed systems at their disposal. No more employee uncertainty about pay. No more uninformed managers asking questions they shouldn’t be asking. No more feeling like leave management is a burden on their People Ops team.

Tilt’s impact extends beyond convenience and the employee experience; Tilt makes it easy to embrace inclusivity by accommodating diverse leave needs. Tilt is capable of managing all leave types, so whether it’s medical, family-related, or personal, Tilt caters to the unique circumstances of each employee, fostering a culture that values individual well-being.

The Impact of Leave of Absence Management Software for Customer Satisfaction

By enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of employee leave management with Tilt, you can easily maintain operational continuity and improve workforce planning efforts to ensure that customer’s needs aren’t being neglected. A bad leave experience not only keeps your organization in the dark about shifting leave dates or changes to a leave (say a caregiving leave shifting to a bereavement leave), but a bad leave experience could mean your employee doesn’t return to work at all.

The potential loss of institutional knowledge, the potential loss of a customer’s trust, and the potential time and costs associated with finding, hiring, and onboarding a new hire are tremendous. 

A positive leave experience for everyone who touches and is impacted by an employee taking a leave of absence improves employee satisfaction, gives managers the insights they need to remain productive, and avoids the potential for turnover which will tax your team as well as the organization. 

Leveraging Tilt’s leave management software translates into improved employee morale and engagement. When employees can easily navigate and understand leave policies, and experience transparent processes and swift support, their overall job satisfaction increases. It’s no secret (and this is one all executives know), that satisfied and content employees are more likely to deliver exceptional output, up to 31% more than dissatisfied employees, creating a positive and lasting impression on clients.

Additional Benefits Leave Management Expertise Can Provide

The positive impacts of implementing a solution like Tilt are numerous…too numerous to keep anyone’s attention for a blog if they were all listed, but while we have you here (hi there), here are a few more for good measure:

Data Security: Leaves of absence involve handling sensitive personal information about employees, including health-related details and reasons for leave. Protecting this information is crucial to maintain privacy and comply with data protection regulations. Tilt allows for safe and direct uploads of documents that are securely stored in our platform. Read more about our security and compliance measures here.

1-1 Employee Support: This was briefly mentioned above, but when an employee takes a leave of absence they may be facing a complicated life situation. And that situation might change. Tilt makes sure your employees aren’t relying on a call center or a round-robin staff structure where it can take multiple days to get back to your employees and they may be speaking to people who aren’t familiar with their situation. Tilt’s Leave Success Managers (LSMs) are 1-1 support humans, AKA Empathy Warriors who are their consistent point of contact should anything arise. Here’s what Chelsea Leppo of Sauce Labs has to say about our LSMs:

“I just have to give major kudos to our LSM Sabrina. The level of support Sabrina has provided to our employees has been amazing. I appreciate her customer focus, especially in her quick responses; both to me and our Saucers Sabrina has completely exceeded expectations!”

Compliance Confidence: There could be an entire blog written about the impact Tilt has on your ability to remain compliant while managing leaves. In fact, here’s one about this very topic. The impact that compliance risks have on your organization can be immense. From fines to audits, to turnover, to legal battles to time and money spent fighting and navigating these issues, you don’t want to experience what can happen if a leave goes sideways. Not even once.

Tilt Makes Leave Management Easy

Leaves are complicated beasts. There’s no way around that fact. As employees get more dispersed, organizations scale, leave laws evolve, you need experts in your corner to ensure leaves are administered fairly, transparently, and consistently no matter the leave type. Only Tilt can offer the easiest leave experience for you and the people you support at a level of service that is second to none.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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