Why Most Teams Aren’t Equipped to Manage All Types of Leaves Effectively

On April 8, 2012, on Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR-TV, Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins said one sentence that resonated so deeply with HR and People Ops teams around the country that in one fell swoop they finally felt someone understood them.

“Aint nobody got time for that,” the rallying cry of overworked People pros far and wide, perfectly put into perspective how challenging it is to accomplish all the team objectives their teams are responsible for on a daily basis given the processes and technologies at their disposal. 

Perhaps no responsibility is more time-consuming and productivity-derailing than effectively managing leaves of absence. Whether it’s trepidatiously updating leave tracking spreadsheets manually, or sitting on hold with a non-responsive STD carrier trying to get a simple question answered for an employee so they can get paid the right amount, most HR teams don’t have enough time in the day to effectively manage all leave types with the tools they’re equipped with.

Why You Can’t Manage All Types of Leave Effectively Today

Unless your organization is developing a device that miraculously adds more hours to the day, you’re likely at a serious disadvantage when trying to manage all types of leaves. Effective leave management requires you to:

  • Educate employees on their rights and responsibilities
  • Guide employees through leave requests and approvals
  • Track FMLA and leave usage
  • Monitor leave start and stop dates
  • Understand current leave laws
  • Help employees apply for state benefits
  • Ensure employees fill out forms accurately and on time
  • Ensure your employee demographic data is accurate
  • Coordinate with insurance carriers
  • Coordinate with payroll
  • Securely store important documents
  • Answer questions as they arise
  • Keep managers informed
  • Re-board employees
  • Do all the above consistently for all employees no matter the leave type

Ain’t nobody got time for that because ain’t nobody have the infrastructure in place to do all of that efficiently. Certainly not for every one of your employees needing a leave. And those that have the infrastructure to handle some leave types (perhaps only parental) are stuck with the issue of having separate processes for different types of leave.

Equip Your Team To Easily Manage All Types of Leave

It may seem like a pipe dream to go from “leave management dumpster fire” to “leave management bliss,” but that’s where a dedicated leave management solution like Tilt flips the script. Tilt not only gives your employees a positive and supported leave journey, but we also remove all your administrative frictions surrounding leaves of absence and do it all under one secure digital roof.

From leave request submissions to personalized leave plans that cover federal, state and local policies that may apply to your employees, Tilt makes the leave journey simple for your people without you having to lift a finger. Our platform is completely customizable to incorporate all leave types your organization may offer (walk around the platform for yourself here).

Personalized & Customizable Leave Plans

With Tilt, no matter the leave type, HR is given a holistic window into every leave being taken at any given time within your organization. With one-click access to their leave plan, their payroll information, any files they’ve uploaded into the platform, and a real-time tally of FMLA hours used and remaining.

Track All Employee Leave Data in One Place

HR, Employees and the employees’ managers also get a window into a leave map that outlines every policy and benefit that comes into play throughout the leave journey. This ensures all interested parties involved are on the same page at any given stage of a leave.

Tilt Leave Maps Bring Real-Time Leave Details to Life

Tilt also automatically calculates payroll for you, and makes any adjustments necessary should any leave dates or coverages shift. We break down payroll by source (should employees collect from STD or state programs) so your payroll team, who also gets access to Tilt should you want them to have it, gets up-to-date pay information so your employees don’t get under or overpaid.

Detailed Pay Calculations That Auto-Adjust When Necessary

Tilt is also backed by an in-house team of leave law and employment law experts. No more Googling laws in states you’ve never stepped foot in, Tilt’s platform helps ensure you’re adhering to the latest leave laws across the country.

Tilt’s support team isn’t a warehouse of representatives in a call center. Every employee taking a leave gets a 1-1 employee assigned to them who is their primary point of contact throughout their leave journey. We even work directly with all carriers to help triage any situations that may arise with their internal processes.

With Tilt, you and your team are given the super tool to manage all leave types effectively, empathetically, and compliantly. Meaning all the amazing work you set out to do for your organization? With Tilt you now DO have time for that.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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