How Leveraging Tilt Eases Stress When Hiring is Slow

Whether you’re struggling to find talent or struggling to find budget, a slow-down in hiring can have frustrating ramifications for an HR department. If you’re having trouble filling important positions outside of the HR Team that of course can prolong the draining of your resources, but when it impacts your team directly you could be faced with some serious capacity problems on the horizon. 

Hiring also might be slow because your organization has decided to put new hires on pause for a hot sec, and here too your team might be faced with doing less with more (as if you aren’t experts in that already).

To keep that rising tide of anxiety at bay, most HR Managers we interact with have performed audits of their least efficiently run tasks. From there they started looking for affordable solutions to streamline their clunkiest to-dos, i.e. a solution that wouldn’t require headcount. Perhaps unsurprisingly since this is a blog from an LOA management tech company website, leave of absence management was a major thorn in the side for nearly all People Teams looking for relief. 

As luck would have it, Tilt happens to have the best solution for precisely that. 

“I immediately think of all the time I now have back to focus on other things. I have been able to put a lot of effort and work into improving our company’s culture since I haven’t been so focused on leave management.” – Sr. HR Operations Manager at Ease and Tilt user/super fan.

Money matters

It’s not just time and sanity you’ll save with Tilt (on average it takes 10-20 hours of HR bandwidth to manage one leave), your organization also can mitigate compliance risks by ensuring your employee’s leaves aren’t being mismanaged, and their managers are being educated on proper behavior and the latest job protection laws.

We also make filling out and filing state benefit forms a breeze (we even send deadline email reminders) which helps ensure your organization will cash in on any applicable program funds. Furthermore, a negative LOA experience could mean they’re DOA when they get brought back into the fold. A positive experience increases the likelihood that they won’t be eyeing a new job because either their manager kept (illegally) blowing them up while they were on leave or they came back and found their position or career path isn’t what it once was. Or perhaps payroll was a nightmare while on leave and they have resentment toward their employer for it. 

Having to backfill an employee because their LOA takes both time and money, all of which can be avoided when you give leave some love.

How Tilt uses less to give more

If headcount capital is restrictive and your team’s bandwidth is tight it might be time to break free from archaic systems and processes and explore outsourcing options like Tilt for leave of absence management. Tilt’s proprietary platform removes the HR and payroll burdens from People Teams while providing a human-centric (from real Tilters) and empathetic approach to managing their leave journey.

What you won’t be doing is struggling through a matrix of spreadsheets, googling leave laws for states you’ve never stepped foot into, trying to manage personal employee information across multiple systems and praying you’ve got payroll correct. All of your least favorite tasks go away with Tilt, everyone gets access to the information they need under one roof, and all while resting easy knowing that your employees are being given world-class support on their journey. 

When an employee logs into Tilt they are shown a fully developed and personalized leave plan that shows them exactly what they can expect and what they need to know for their leave.

Tilt's personalized leave plans are built to help support employees for their specific leave journey.

What about payroll? Well, they have access to Tilt too, but only to what they need to see in order to make sure your people are getting paid. Employee privacy FTW!

Pay calculations make ensuring your people get paid a cinch

We also make it easy to understand where your employees are on their leave journey, as well as when certain benefits or programs start and stop. 

Easily see when benefits start and stop along the leave journey

As for the managers, they’ll also be given access to Tilt with a window to see their employee’s leave status, details around their specific leave as well education for what they can do to facilitate a successful re-boarding.

Manager education is critical for LOA efficacy

Humanity matters

If Tilt only offered tech we wouldn’t be completely fulfilling our mission of making leave not suck. Taking a leave of absence might very well be one of the most human experiences your employees will go through, which is why we also have an in-house team of Leave Success Managers (AKA Empathy Warriors, AKA “The Heartbeat of Tilt,” learn more about them here) that are your employees’ personal guide to help them through the complexities that may arise throughout a leave.

Hiring slow-downs don’t have to hinder HR success

A hiring slowdown is an opportunity to find ways to reduce the friction in your team’s current day-to-day. With Tilt, you can unload the heavy burden of managing leave to us; we friggin’ love providing the best leave experience in the world for employees, HR, Payroll and managers. 

So ditch the spreadsheets, reduce your stress, and save time and money with Tilt.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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