Tilt, Your LOA Program Security Blanket

There’s really nothing like the warm and cozy feeling of saving your company a boatload (standard unit of measure) of money while supporting your people on a leave. Every day Tilt encounters companies who aren’t taking advantage of the paid leave benefit programs available across the country, and yours might be one of them.

In doing so your organization is spending way more money to provide employees with a paid leave of absence than is necessary. Let’s take a look at why this is happening and how Tilt makes it easy for your employees to apply for these programs and save your org some serious coinage.

Wait, why are companies passing up on what’s basically free money?

As much as we wish it were true that states offering paid leave programs all got together at a large table and discussed some sort of unified approach to doing this, we all know that’s a pipe dream. As it turns out, each state that has such a program has its own program outlining employee eligibility, length of compensation duration (8 weeks vs. 12 weeks, etc…), and how much of an employee’s salary will be paid by the state-run program.

In short, it’s a major administrative burden to:

  1. Stay up-to-date on the latest existing paid leave benefits programs for each state your people work in.
  2. Keep tabs on which states are rolling out new programs and when they’ll take effect. 
  3. Help employees navigate the program application process
  4. Keep track of if/when employees apply so you aren’t stuck sending reminder emails and footing the bill

These burdens only become heavier as your company scales and your employees disperse to new states.

Tilt saves you dollars on default mode

With Tilt, we smooth out the administrative bumps in your way and make applying for LOA programs absurdly simple for your employees. The latest and greatest LOA program details? Monitored by our in-house leave law experts on the regular and integrated into the platform in real time. A step-by-step leave plan that makes form filing a piece of cake for your people? We’ve got that covered too:

In this case, Pam Beesley has started her leave journey and now has 49 days to apply for California SDI in anticipation of pregnancy recovery. If your organization was offering Pam paid time off for pregnancy recovery and footing the bill congrats, Tilt just potentially saved your org 60-70% of Pam’s salary as she recovers from childbirth.

Pam would then follow the leave plan step by step and apply for all of the LOA programs available for her specific leave in her particular state.

Here is a snapshot of what Pam will see when she clicks into “Apply for California State Disability Insurance:”

We’ll take Pam step by step through everything she’ll need to provide, links to all the forms, and we’ll walk her through the process of actually submitting a claim. 

Tilt creates these leave plans for every employee that you have who takes a leave. You don’t lift a finger, they don’t break a sweat, and your company’s bottom line reaps the benefits.

Tilt does the nudging so you don’t have to

Tilt makes it easy for your employees to march down the path to a successful leave while saving cash. We track the status of the employee LOA program applications for you, so when we see that your employees have an upcoming deadline we notify them. The lucky overseer of leaves in your org (perhaps you?) also gets a window into the progress of their employee’s leave plans, but we handle all the dirty work!

We have a dedicated Leave Success Manager (AKA Empathy Warriors) assigned to each employee taking a leave who can help if there are any questions. Here’s an example of what we’d send when Pam’s SDI is about to end and her California Paid Family Leave is set to begin:

Does this mean that you’ll know how much to pay your employees ahead of a leave?

Sure does. Some organizations front 100% of an employee’s salary and then figure out how much they’ll get reimbursed after the fact. With Tilt, we provide pay calculations in advance of the leave so you only pay what’s left over that the LOA programs don’t cover.

This means you avoid the risks associated with a claim not being filed correctly or on time (more on that below), or an employee not returning to work after a leave. Both of these very real scenarios leave your organization hanging out to dry and holding the check, but with Tilt, you can rest easy knowing this won’t be your reality.

Tilt keeps the power with your people

Tilt’s primary focus is to ease HR burdens and risks while providing a positive, seamless LOA experience for your people. We’ve covered some of the burdens and the seamless experience around applying for LOA programs, but it’s Tilt’s white-glove approach to walking your people through the claim filing process needs some special attention as it pertains to risk mitigation:

  1. By empowering your people to quickly and easily submit the claims themselves you reduce the risk of human error that might arise from outsourcing the submittal process, leading to claim rejection or delays.
  2. As your company scales, so will your leave requests. By having your employees file their own claims you eliminate potential bottlenecks that occur when offloading that responsibility to your People Team or a 3rd party vendor. Tilt is the only scalable solution.
  3. Privacy matters. Tilt houses all private information within the platform meaning there’s no personal information being shared with anyone outside of your organization and no loose email threads dangling in the interwebs like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

That’s a wrap (we’re not above security blanket puns)

Tilt’s platform, leave experts, and empathy warriors all combine for a nice warm supported LOA experience for your people while ensuring your organization capitalizes on all the LOA programs you can take advantage of.

We make it easy for your employees to apply for these programs and even easier for you to track and monitor. Start saving your company money and making your life easier with Tilt.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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