Modern LOA Software is an Investment You Can’t Afford Not to Make

It’s rare in today’s day and age that People Ops software can deliver on both making your job easier and boosting your bottom line. Modern leave management software, however, is one such rarity that provides as much administrative relief as it does budget relief. So much so that choosing any other approach to managing your leaves is either too cumbersome, costly or cuffs you with compliance risks.

Whether you manage leaves in-house via a maze of spreadsheets and disconnected systems, “rely” on your insurance carrier, or have an outdated 3rd-party solution that doesn’t deliver on its promise to actually alleviate your pain points while administering effective leave support, modernizing your leave management solution is a must that your finance department will thank you for.

What does modern LOA management software provide?

A good leave of absence management solution provides consistent and empathetic leave support for your employees while keeping your organization compliant and your to-do list non-existent (the to-dos related to leave management anyway…). A modern LOA solution will be able to manage all leave types across all states and provide 1-1 support for you and your employees.

Modern LOA management software automates frustrating tasks like FMLA determination and payroll adjustments when a leave starts earlier or later than anticipated. It educates employees and their managers on the details and legal rights surrounding a particular leave. It should make form filing for state benefits smooth and simple while remaining in the control of your employees. It should make the entire leave journey for your people easy and supported with compassion for their very human situation. 

A modern LOA solution should also make applying for state benefits easy for your employees, and alleviate compliance risks by always having a pulse on the latest leave laws across the country. It should do all of this without People Ops having to lift a finger.

How does modern LOA management software save you money?

Now that we’ve covered why modern LOA management software is an investment you can’t afford not to make because of its functionality, let’s discuss it in dollars and cents.

Close your eyes (metaphorically…otherwise you can’t read) and imagine just one leave of absence going sideways. Perhaps your pay calculations are off and you end up paying thousands of dollars more than you needed to. Perhaps you had an FMLA lawsuit you had to defend because of an uneducated manager which could set your organization back $78,000 on average. Perhaps the employee experience was so confusing and unsupported that the employee walked away leaving a gap in production, lowered morale for the team and all the costs associated with replacing that employee and their institutional knowledge.

This was one leave of absence and three (of the many) ways getting it wrong might cost your organization more than it would to offload the responsibility to a capable 3rd-party LOA management solution.

Yet another way modern LOA software can mean big savings for your organization is by assisting employees when applying for state benefits. Some vendors say they’ll do this for their employees, but that requires impersonating employees when submitting sensitive forms to states on the employee’s behalf, so be aware of the many legal complications that could arise from that. Here’s more information on that if you’re interested in those risks.

A good LOA solution makes sure that employees are filing for those benefits on their own but it’s made as effortless as possible when doing so. Guiding employees through the state benefits application process means your employee’s wages while on leave won’t be 100% subsidized by your organization, but instead will receive a portion of their compensation from the state.

That’s a massive cost saving for organizations with employees in the many states that have benefits programs, especially when you multiply the savings across all the leaves of absence you have to manage.

Can you afford not to invest in modern LOA software?

Whether it’s administrative efficiency, employee support, compliance and payroll concerns, or applying for state benefits, People Ops pros recognize that they can no longer afford the status quo when it comes to leave management. 3rd-party vendors like Tilt are making leave management a no-brainer decision for organizations across the country to invest in. 

The alternative is unsupported leaves and a cost too burdensome to bear.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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