Trust Tilt to Lower Cost and Time Spent on Leave Management

So another company blog is telling you to trust them to save you time and money? You don’t say…

Oh, we do say. And it’s not just us saying it, Tilt customers are saying it with good reason. We’re the leave of absence management experts with a beating heart and a bliss-inducing platform that does all the leave management dirty work for you. For every LOA you would have had to manage, Tilt gives you and your team the bandwidth and budget back to achieve the goals that truly matter to you and your organization.

No more compliance risks. No more spreadsheet glitches. No more time wasted on repetitive and manual administrative downers.

“We had like 400 employees take leave already this year, and before Tilt I was taking LOA meetings myself, so for Tilt to outline the instructions for the employees and walk them through the whole process and then also outline the payment aspect? Super helpful, and it saves us a bunch of money.” – Benefits Partner @ Leading Financial Services Organization

A leave management solution that actually works

Tilt’s approach to managing leave is unique because we’re more than just another slick tech solution that supplants outdated legacy systems, we’re a slick tech solution that supplants outdated legacy systems that focuses on empathy. Empathy for People Ops and HR teams who are overburdened and feeling a budget squeeze, and empathy for your employees taking a leave of absence during some of the most significant times of their lives.

More importantly, our customers trust us because our leave management product actually works, and our in-house 1-1 employee support actually cares about your people in their time of need.

“With our previous vendor, we had to keep our eyes and ears open and didn’t feel fully confident that everything was taken care of. Now, we feel way more comfortable just saying ‘Tilt is gonna handle it,’ and we’ll reach out to Taylor (Customer Success Manager) or Sabrina (Leave Success Manager AKA LSM) if we need anything. Now we can place our energy into everything else and feel fully confident giving every single leave to Tilt.” – Human Resource Generalist @ Top Automated Testing Software Organization

…and since we have an in-house legal and compliance team to inform our platform and support our LSMs when a leave takes an unexpected turn, Tilt users can relax knowing we’ve got every leave scenario handled and can focus more energy on what matters most.

“Tilt’s impact on our employee experience was HUGE. We’ve had a few complicated leaves for some of our associates, and through it all, we are so confident in Tilt and the Leave Success Managers guiding our associates during their leaves. It’s made my team rest easier and focus a lot of the time we used to spend on leaves on other tasks.” – Talent Analytics & Operations Specialist @ Leading Petcare Organization

Tilt makes a positive impact on payroll

It’s no secret that leave of absence management can be a complicated process. With employees scattering across the country and new leave laws popping up it can be too much for many People Ops and HR teams to manage on their own. Not to mention leave date changes and payroll complications up the wazoo. Tilt’s automated pay calculation adjustments happen right within our platform for your payroll to see, you can kiss accidental overpayments bye-bye.

“Week one, Tilt saved us tons of money by figuring out an overpayment issue with one of our leaves. It left quite the impression!” – SR Hr Generalist @ Alternative Fuels Leader

Empower your team by leaving your leave to Tilt

What would you do with more hours in your workday? Would you start one of the many passion projects you’ve had to put on hold quarter after quarter? We know there are many of you out there that feel passion projects are a pipe dream and are just trying to keep your head above water. No matter where you are on that spectrum, when you trust Tilt to manage your employee’s leave of absence you’re giving yourself the budget and bandwidth relief you’ve been waiting for, and the empathetic support your employees deserve.

“Since using Tilt I’ve freed up over 10% of my bandwidth because I’m not having to manage leaves manually in-house. Tilt has saved our team so much time.” – Associate Manager of People & Culture @ Top Online Audio and Video Media Organization

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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