10 Most Tedious LOA Tasks That Tilt Replaces

There are so many moving parts involved with effectively overseeing leave of absence (LOA) management that it sometimes feels like death by a thousand papercuts. And then of course there are compliance concerns which can feel like one big looming paper cut in the form of a manager acting out of line toward an employee taking a leave and getting your organization in legal hot water.

If you’re trying to keep your head above water managing the rising tide of leave requests seen across all industry sectors, Tilt is the floatation device that does all of your tedious LOA to-dos for you, while delivering an emphatically empathetic experience to your employees. An all-in-one leave management solution platform with 1-1 employee support for your people that frees your time and your mind from the burdens of all things LOA.

Now that the preamble is out of the way, here are the 10 most tedious LOA tasks you’ll no longer have to worry about when using Tilt: 

1. Manually updating HRIS systems – Between integrations and our automatic file feed system Tilt makes it easy to ensure when managing leaves of absence your employee information is accurate and up to date.

2. Tracking all leave info in spreadsheets – Is there anything you’d like to ditch from your workflow more than your tangled mess of leave of absence spreadsheets? Regardless of leave type, our platform keeps track of every one of your LOAs, giving you a streamlined and holistic view into every aspect of your leaves under one roof.

3. Payroll calculations – With Tilt you’re off the hook for pay calcs. Not only does Tilt calculate what your employees should get paid and make it easy to see where the pay is coming from, but we also have automated pay adjustments to ensure your people are getting paid exactly what they should be. We even give your payroll team access to this part of the platform.

Tilt Leave Map
Tilt Pay Calculations

4. Due date check-ins with employees – Our personalized leave plans give employees everything they need to know about their leave, including important dates and deadlines they need to be aware of. You don’t have time to remind every employee taking a leave that they have 15 days left to complete their FMLA medical certification, but our Leave Success Managers (LSMs) do! And every one of your employees taking leave gets their very own LSM (AKA Empathy Warrior).

5. Fielding employee questions about leave benefits – Those LSMs we just mentioned? Well they also field all the questions your employees have about leave. That’s right, with Tilt you are no longer responsible for knowing the ins and outs of state benefits or leave laws and regions of the country you’ve never stepped foot in. “Inbox zero” fam we see you, and we’ve got your employees covered.

6. Compliance/leave law research – When you roll with Tilt you’re rolling with some real big leave law nerds (a badge they wear with pride). Our tech and LSMs are both supported by a team of in-house leave law experts which means you can leave your late-night leave law Google searches in your rearview mirror.

7. Sending out notices on STD/LTD/FMLA/State programs – Legally you’re required to notify an employee that they are eligible for certain state benefits. With FMLA, as an example, you need to send that designation notice within a certain number of days after the employee has requested a leave or else your organization could find themselves in a sticky situation. It’s not a concern with Tilt though. We take care of notifying your employees for you so it becomes an afterthought.

8. Educating managers – Managers are an integral, and yet often overlooked part of the leave journey that most HR and People Ops teams don’t have the bandwidth to properly oversee and educate. With Tilt, managers not only get access to a portion of the platform so they can stay informed on their employee’s leave journey, but they also get a healthy dose of education specific to that employee’s leave, including tips on best practices for re-boarding them back on the team when their leave is completed.

Manager Education

9. Helping employees apply for state benefits – State benefits are as complicated as they are unique to each state that provides them. With Tilt, you won’t have to keep tabs on which states provide them (which fortunately is an ever-growing list) and we guide your employees step-by-step through the process to ensure there’s no risk of missing a deadline due to 3rd-party file forming while keeping your people engaged and in the know the entire way. 

10. Securing private employee info – Last, but certainly not least, is a secure repository for all of your employees personal leave-related information. No more digging through email threads for attachments or hoping your G-drive folder doesn’t slip into the wrong hands. Tilt takes security supremely seriously (read more on that here), so we make it easy to store all your leave docs in one safe platform.

Secure File Storage

Get leave of absence management relief with Tilt

What’s listed above are only 10 of the many ways in which Tilt makes your life easier when it comes to managing leaves of absence. We believe that life is too short for leaves that suck, and unfortunately, most HR and People Ops teams don’t have the proper support system in place to manage leaves with efficiency and efficacy. This leads to your team being overworked and your people being underserved.

Tilt takes on all of your LOA tasks so that you and your team can be free to do literally anything else. Support your people when they need it most and give leave some love with Tilt.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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