Automated Leave Management Tracking: The Gift HR Will Love You For

Do you know what HR’s love languages are? If you do, it can mean all the difference in understanding the best ways to support your clients and endear them to your awesomeness. Let’s take a completely arbitrary example with no ulterior motives whatsoever and break down how removing the burdens of leave of absence management through automated leave management tracking can speak to the love languages that matter most to HR.

Love Language #1: Words of affirmation. To put it plainly, leave of absence tracking is most likely a nightmarish scenario for your clients, so if they aren’t coming to you for help, ask them about it. They might not know there’s a better way to manage leaves that can ease their stress and workload. Listen to what their pain points are and affirm them, because they’re not only real, they’re a real pain in the…

Love language #2: Physical touch. It goes without saying, but this is absolutely not the love language you want to pursue with your HR clients. Let’s just quickly move forward from this one:).

Love language #3: Acts of service. Your clients come to you because they trust you. They trust you to put them on to the latest and most effective solutions to their numerous problems. If they’re currently relying on spreadsheets and internal processes, or a carrier, to manage and track their leaves they are definitely in need of your service. The old way of managing leave is compliance-risk-riddled, cumbersome, time-consuming, confusing and complex. Offering them a solution like Tilt to easily manage their least favorite to-do for them will go a long way to strengthening your relationship.

Love language #4: Quality time. The true meaning behind this love language revolves around spending time with your partner, but in the case of Benefits Broker and HR pro, the meaning revolves around valuing and freeing up their time. Depending on how many leaves your clients are managing at any given time (it’s estimated that 10%+/- of the employee population will be on leave…sometimes it’s much more than that), you’re saving your clients a tremendous amount of their bandwidth by having Tilt manage their leaves.

By automating their leave management tracking process with Tilt, you’re demonstrating to them in no uncertain terms that you truly value their time. Even the most passionate HR and People Ops leader would rather be doing anything else with their time than manage leaves of absence. That’s where Tilt takes the torch!

Love Language #5: Gifts. Giving your clients the gift of Tilt’s automated leave tracking is giving your clients the gift of time, employee support, data security, compliance confidence, and operational efficiency all wrapped up into one sleek and sophisticated, easy-to-use platform. Since Tilt syncs with your client’s HRIS and works with all carriers, data is always accurate, shifts in pay or leave dates get tracked and updated automatically, and all your clients have to do is sit back and smile and thank you for the best gift imaginable.

How Tilt Automates Leave Tracking

Out with the old, in with the new. The old way of relying on manually updating spreadsheets and trying to stitch multiple data systems together are gone. Tilt streamlines the entire leave of absence tracking process through automation and innovation, creating a single source or real-time truth for all leave data across the organization.

HR Dashboard For Tracking All Leave Types At Once

One dashboard. No work. Everything is accurately tracked. Showing your clients the leave-tracking magic of Tilt is one gift your clients will never forget. 

Not only can your clients track their organizational leaves, but with Tilt they can get detailed maps of every employee’s leave journey, also in real-time.

Real-Time Leave Maps Provide Holistic Details of Each Leave

Tilt makes it easy for HR, employees, and their managers to keep track of an employee’s leave journey as it’s happening. Now your clients can track leaves without lifting a finger (maybe a click or two though…).

Tilt also makes payroll tracking, a part of leave tracking that is a major headache for your clients, simple. With Tilt, your clients can give payroll access to the payroll portal within Tilt where all pay calculations are automatically calculated for them. Today, for example, your clients may have to try to figure out how much an employee is getting from the state, a short-term disability carrier as well the accurate amount left over that the organization wants to cover. 

Doing this accurately as dates shift and communication with carriers goes dark is like shooting darts with a blindfold. Bring your clients into the light with Tilt’s automated pay tracking adjustments.

Exportable & Auto-Adjusted Payroll Breakdowns

Tilt simplifies all areas of leave tracking so your clients can do literally anything else with their valuable time. Your clients are dreaming of accurate, automated leave tracking, so give them the gift of Tilt and help make them your partner for life (for your working life…refer to love language #2 and don’t make it weird…).

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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