How Tilt Turns Leave Anxieties Into Love For Your Company

With stigmas around mental health finally melting away (hooray!), successful HR teams are looking at innovative ways to alleviate anxieties for their people because, despite technological advancements, stress on a global scale has never been higher. HR pros who audit their processes regularly are discovering that a major anxiety-inducing function they’re responsible for is how an employee experiences a leave of absence (LOA) journey. 

Of course, if you’re managing leaves you’re also probably feeling the anxiety of compliance concerns, communication breakdowns, burdensome administrative tasks, and uncertainty around payroll among other things. Tilt alleviates all of these pain points for those managing leaves in the department, and when it comes to employees, People Teams are learning that legacy systems provide a confusing, cold, and unsupported approach to LOA management, furthering employees’ anxiety when they need it most. 

Leave management software like Tilt can help to reduce LOA anxieties by streamlining the leave process and automating many of the tasks and procedures involved.


Tilt takes the mystery out of leave by providing a clear roadmap for the entire employee leave journey. Robotic call centers and unintuitive platforms make even the most straightforward LOAs confusing and convoluted. When a leave request gets submitted because of mental health or heaven forbid a bereavement, the additional anxiety caused by a murky leave management process can be more than some can bear, and more than anyone should have to.

When an employee requests a leave of absence with Tilt not only do they get a clear and concise view of their pay, their time off, all of the forms they need to file, and when. We create a personalized leave plan just for them that ensures they’re prepared before the leave, during the leave, and for getting back on board.

Personalized "Pre-Leave" Plan
Pay Calculation Portal

With Tilt, everything is easy to access, navigate and comprehend because when things in life go sideways that’s when you need a clear path to relief the most. A consistent and efficient approach to leave management for your most important people.

A helping hand with a beating heart

Tilt tech is only one part of the holistic leave management solution we provide. The other way we reduce leave anxiety and make the LOA process a win for HR departments is that employees taking a leave with Tilt also get paired with one of our Leave Success Managers (LSMs). 

This means that there is a real Tilter with an empathetic beating heart there to guide them every step of the way if they need it. We take pride in our platform being easy to use for all leave types across the country, but we beam with pride because of the difference our LSMs make in the lives of so many people who just need someone to talk to when they have a question or are scared, excited and everything in between.

Christian Castorena - Leave Success Manager

Overall a great experience. Christian was very helpful and communicative throughout my entire process. I had absolutely no worries or stress about getting my leave approved! Victor G.

A leave of absence can run the emotional gamut for employees. They might be welcoming a new addition to their family or they might be coming to grips with their new reality of living with a disability. Whatever the reason, big life changes can rock the world of even the steadiest hearts and minds, and when your employees need balance back in their lives out LSMs are there to answer the call.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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