Tilt’s Leave Management Magic Boosts Morale Without You Lifting a Finger

Ever close your eyes and wish that when you opened them, “voila!” your ever-expanding pile of mind-numbing leave of absence busywork just magically disappeared? What if instead of having to update messy spreadsheets and field questions from employees on leave-related issues you aren’t confident about, you got to work on the needle-moving initiatives that improve the quality of work life for your people?

Tilt’s leave management platform isn’t “magic” in the common sense of the word. We aren’t pulling rabbits out of hats or doing whatever it is that David Blaine does. Tilt provides a consistent morale-boosting experience for every one of your employees embarking on a leave of absence journey, and we do it while taking off all the busywork currently sinking you and your team into the administrative muck.

How Tilt makes leaves of absence easy for all

Tilt’s unique approach to leave of absence management blends empathy with economics by combining an easy-to-use, intuitive tech platform with living, breathing empathy warriors to automate and manage all aspects of your organization’s leaves. No matter the leave, no matter the state.

With our holistic approach to leaves, People Teams, employees, and their managers get access to Tilt’s platform so everyone can stay educated and informed from the moment the leave request is submitted until they’re brought back into the fold. Oh yeah, we even provide managers with tips on the do’s and don’ts of leave communication, and help make it easy to provide a soft landing on their employee’s return to work life.

Manager Portal

(Click here to explore the People Team, Employee and Manager view of Tilt for yourself)

When an employee requests a leave of absence and their information gets entered into Tilt you can just sit back and relax. We’ve got it from here. From FMLA to ADA and everything in between, our personalized leave plans, step-by-step State Benefits guidance, and dedicated 1-1 human support, means you can rest (no really, take a rest…you deserve it) assured your employees are getting the support they need to have a successful leave experience.

A bad leave experience can submarine employee morale, potentially expose your organization to legal action (like if a manager threatens job stagnation if an employee takes a leave, for example), and can find you scrambling to replace talent that chooses to walk out the door because of poor treatment.

A positive leave experience on the other hand can have the opposite effect. Instead of us waxing poetic on how Tilt’s great employee experience can boost morale, let’s hear what some employees who have used Tilt have to say.

What employees using Tilt have to say about their experience

We’re just going to casually get out of the way here and let Tilt users do the talking:

“Sabrina (my Leave Success Manager) was such a wonderful surprise from the day we met. Navigating FMLA is confusing, and somewhat frightening to navigate on your own especially as you’re going through such a large life change. I was so happy on day one when Sabrina emailed me immediately to chat live about leave, and what I need to do and helped consult on strategy. Sabrina, thank you so much for all that you did to make my leave easy and enjoyable, you are the best!” – N. Cooper, Principal Product Manager @ Invoca

When your employee goes on leave, they get paired with a 1-1 Leave Success Manager (LSM) like Sabrina (Hi Sabrina, if you’re reading this!) to be there to answer questions whenever a leave takes a twist or a turn.

“I am more than satisfied with my experience with Tilt. Kelly Thomas (my LSM) has been extremely helpful throughout this process. She even reached out to me a second time to remind me that I had an upcoming date; very helpful as I forgot. I don’t want to take another leave of absence however if I do, I’m very glad Tilt will be there to help me through.” – D. Darling, Candidate Experience Rep @ Checkr

Not only do our LSMs like Kelly provide guidance when questions arise, but they also send reminders to your employees of upcoming dates they need to be aware of so you don’t have to. A leave of absence can flip your employee’s world on its head, so Tilt makes their life easy by keeping tabs on important dates for them.

“My experience with Tilt was very easy and pleasant. Much less frustrating than my previous leave experience with another company.” – A. Lewis, Real Estate Technical Designer @ Modsy

Most Tilt users (and perhaps you reading this) who have had to go through a leave journey with a previous company who didn’t use Tilt talk about frustration, confusion and uncertainty. Tilt keeps your people happy even with the most complicated leaves, by design.

Should we do one more? Okay, why not?

“The experience I had with Tilt was OUTSTANDING! I greatly appreciate the Tilt team especially Nic (my LSM) for helping me throughout my leave. The only thing I had to focus on was getting better. Keep up the excellent work!! Kudos!!” – D. Ellington, Customer Support Specialist @ Bamboo Health

The purpose of sharing these testimonials isn’t to toot our own horn, it’s to show just how integral a positive leave experience can be for morale within your organization. When your employees put in blood, sweat and tears for their job, having the peace of mind to know they’ll be taken care of when life’s biggest uncertainties happen is a level of support they deserve, and with Tilt, a level of support you can deliver without lifting a finger.

Now that’s magic.

About Tilt

Tilt is leading the charge in all things leave of absence management through easy-to-use tech and human touch. Since 2017, our proprietary platform and Empathy Warriors have been helping customers make leave not suck by eliminating administrative burdens, keeping companies compliant, and providing a truly positive and supportive leave of absence experience for their people.

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